012 DoMed Driesen

mR Marc Driesen


After successfully obtaining the qualification of master optician at the Dortmund Chamber of Trades and Crafts in 2007, Mr Marc Driesen was responsible for the technical management of an opticians from 2008 to 2010. Subsequently, he worked as a refractive manager in the field of surgical ophthalmology and in the position of deputy manager of an opticians from 2011 to 2014. From 2008 to 2018 Mr Driesen taught trainee master opticians at the Dortmund Chamber of Trades and Crafts as a freelance lecturer for Optometry.

In the year 2015, Mr Driesen joined the DOmed eye clinic Westfalen as head refractive manager. Since 2019, Mr Driesen is responsible for all DOmed eye centres as Manager (COO).


034 DoMed Thomas

MR Alexander Thomas

Refraktiv manager

After completing his training as an orthoptist at the Düsseldorf University Eye Clinic in 2011, Mr Alexander Thomas was in charge of the 2012 – 2016 the orthoptist unit and the preliminary examinations in an Herdecke-based eye centre also offering surgical treatment.

In the area of orthoptics, he specialises in the technical preliminary examination of patients requiring ophthalmologic surgery.

Since 2017, Mr Thomas is employed at the DOmed eye clinic Westfalen as an orthoptist and head of preliminary examinations.

097 DoMed Weber

Mr Daniel Weber

Refraktiv manager

Already during his further training as master optician which he successfully completed in 2012 before the Dortmund Chamber of Trades and Crafts, Mr Daniel Weber managed the refractive unit in a Hagen-based eye centre also offering surgical treatment between 2011 and 2015.

In 2015, his career path led him to an opticians in Bochum, where he was able to hone his specialist knowledge of contract lens fitting, i.e. in particular in the area of orthokeratology.

Since 2018, Mr Weber supports the team of the DOmed eye clinic Westfalen as a refractive manager and specialist for dry eyes.


Frau Jacqueline Hemmert


Noch während ihrer Weiterbildung zur Augenoptikermeisterin wechselte Frau Jacqueline Hemmert 2018 aus der Augenoptik an die DOmed Augenzentren. Hier ist sie für die Kontaktlinsenanpassung, Patientenberatung bei geplanten operativen Eingriffen und als Ansprechpartnerin für trockene Augen zuständig. Neben ihrer Tätigkeit bei den DOmed Augenzentren unterrichtet sie an der Handwerkskammer Dortmund als freiberufliche Fachdozentin für Augenoptik angehende Augenoptikermeister in den Fächern Anatomie und Screening.

Frau Hemmert gehört seit 2018 als Augenoptikermeisterin zum Team der DOmed Augenklinik Westfalen und unterstützt am Standort Phönixsee.


Ms Kirstin Krüger

Refraktiv manager

After completing her training as an optician, Ms Kirstin Krüger completed a continuing studies programme at the Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin, which she successfully completed in 2016 with the degree Bachelor of Science Ophthalmology/Optometry.

During the next three years, she worked in the refractive unit of a Hagen-based eye centre also offering surgical treatment, where she was responsible for the pre-operative preparation of the patients, both in the areas of preliminary examinations as well as in the operating room.

Since 2019, Ms Krüger is employed at the DOmed eye centre Lünen as refractive manager, where she additionally coordinates the technical training of our trainees.



Ms Silvia Vielhauer-Höppner


Ms Silvia Vielhauer-Höppner completed her training as an orthoptist at the University of Cologne under Prof. Dr. med. Rüssmann. She then switched to the University Eye Clinic Giessen and then to the Johannes Hospital in Dortmund.

Her primary areas of activity include the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of strabismus, visual defects, eye movement and perception disorders, e.g. by means of occlusion therapy and prism adjustment.

She has now been working at the DOmed eye centres in Lünen, Hombruch and Phönixsee since 2000.

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