Retinal laser

Retinal Laser - retinal treatment

The most common laser treatment at our clinic are designed to heal diseases of the retina and the choroid. In particular diabetics will experience dangerous changes to the retina over time. If these are detected in the recommended check-ups, the further advancement of the disease can be stopped by laser treatment. In addition, laser is used to treat retinal detachment. In this case, the retina is reattached with the laser. This will often help to avoid a more extensive surgery.

Laser surgery for retinal holes

The laser energy is absorbed by the pigment epithelium cells which are under the retina. The resulting local inflammatory response leads to localised scarring of the adjoining retinal layers. In cases of retinal holes, thin areas of the retina in short-sighted symptomatic eyes (flashing lights), in the case of tears in the retina due to changes in the vitreous or after accidents, there is a risk of retinal detachment. The retinal defects described are corrected with a laser. Within two weeks, this leads to the formation of a stable scar around the defect, effectively avoiding retinal detachment.

Laser surgery for vessel occlusion and diabetes mellitus

The occlusion of the central retinal vein or a branch retinal vein by a thrombosis, or alternatively by a diagnosis of diabetes which has been poorly controlled for years leads to chronic oxygen deficiency in the retina. The undersupplied retina produces signalling substances which give rise to unruly vascular growth in the eye as well as swelling of the central retina (macula). The subsequent complications can be extremely dangerous and include increased intraocular pressure and retinal detachment, and can lead to loss of vision in the eye in extreme cases. By laser treatment of the peripheral retina, the retinal tissue which is poorly supplied with blood is destroyed, meaning that the vascular growth recedes and serious subsequent complications can be avoided.

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