Intraocular contact lenses

As a posterior chamber lens, implantable contact lenses (ICL = Intraocular Contact Lens) are an alternative in cases of severe to extremely severe visual defects (short-sightedness/long-sightedness).

Toric designs can also be used to simultaneously compensate for astigmatism. As the body’s own lens is retained, the ability to adjust and focus at short distances (accommodation) remains, as long as the patient does not suffer from age-related long-sightedness. This procedure usually leaves the cornea untouched. This means that the operation is reversible and the lens can be removed again if necessary. In addition, further adjustment is possible by changing the lens or in combination with a LASIK operation.

The ICL is made of collamer, an innovative and well-tolerated material which has been on the market since 1993 and has been being used in Germany by experienced ophthalmic surgeons since 1997. It is a posterior chamber lens and is placed inside the eye between the iris and the body’s own eye lens. The lenses and the operational procedure are continuously being developed further.

Intraokulare Kontaktlinsen
Intraokulare Kontaktlinsen

Who are intraocular contact lenses (ICL) suitable for?

If you fulfil the conditions in principle, an exact preliminary examination can determine whether your eyes are suitable for intraocular contact lenses.

The following conditions must be fulfilled to constitute an indication for the ICLs:

  • Your visual defect (with or without astigmatism) is up to 20 dioptres or up to minus -20 dioptres.
  • You are between 21 and 60 years old.
  • Your general state of health is good.
  • You do not suffer from other eye conditions (macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract, etc).
  • Your eyesight has been stable for at least a year (change below +/- 0.5 dioptres).

Link to Visian ICL.

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