Bioptics is a combined treatment concept consisting of a lens implantation and LASIK.

This method is used in cases of extremely severe impaired vision, where severe visual defects are present alongside astigmatism. The correction takes place in two operations performed at separate times.

1. operation

The LASIK flap is cut first in the lens implantation. This takes place contact-free with the femtosecond laser.

The artificial lens, which has been individually customised, is then implanted.

2. operation

The second procedure takes place two weeks later. Now any still existing visual defects will be compensated with LASIK surgery. The corneal flap prepared in the first operation is lifted once more. The excimer laser is used to shape the layers of the cornea further down, depending on the visual defect. The flap is then returned to its original position. It attaches itself such that stitches are not required.

The bioptics procedure is suitable for achieving patients’ independence from glasses or contact lenses, even for patients with extreme visual defects.

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