Eye drop instructions

Step by step
  • You should always read the package information leaflet of your eye drops.
  • Wash your hands and remove any unnecessary pieces of packaging from the eye drop bottle. Please keep the cover of the eye drop bottle in order to be able to close the bottle when you are finished.
  • Open the bottle and hold it in your dominant hand (dropping hand), ideally between your thumb, index and middle fingers.
  • Relax – particularly your eyes and your dropping hand.
  • Tilt your head slightly backwards.
  • Using the index or middle fingers of the other hand, gently pull the lower eyelid downwards, opening the conjunctival sac.
  • Open your eye as far as possible and look upwards – try to avoid cramping up.
  • Hold the eye drop bottle as vertically as possible above the conjunctival sac. If your dropping hand is shaking, you can rest it on your forehead to provide stability. As described in the package information leaflet, place a drop into the eye by squeezing the middle or bottom of the bottle.
  • Move your dropping hand away and let go of the eyelid you pulled down with the other hand. Do not touch your eyes or the opening at the top of the bottle while doing this.

Close your eye slightly and push gently on the lacrimal point  in the inner corner of the eye for one minute. This avoids the drops draining into the throat too quickly. Possible side effects can be reduced and the active ingredient stays in the eye for longer.

Drip control
Tear duct closure

If the eye drops are intended to be put into both eyes, you can now repeat the step by step instructions for the other eye.

Close the eye drop bottle after use.

A small amount of fluid usually runs out of the eye again. You can remove this, e.g. with a cotton wool pad.

Several eye drops

Wait 5-10 minutes before putting another medication into the eye you put drops into. This avoids the first active ingredient being rinsed out.


The eye drop bottle should ideally be stored in its packaging in a dark place. Some medications must be stored in the fridge. Please read the package information leaflet for more information. If the bottle or disposable packaging has a defect or is particularly difficult to handle, please inform the manufacturer or your chemist.

Tips and recommendations
  • Incorporate the time for eye drop application into other daily activities such as getting up, cleaning teeth or mealtimes. This supports proper regular usage.
  • Comply with the times set for treatment, even when travelling or at work.
  • Speak to your doctor or chemist about possible changes to the times your eye drops should be used if you are planning a trip to a different time zone.
  • Milky eye drops must be shaken before use. Please refer to the package information leaflet for more information.
  • Anxiety and rushing
  • Blinking while applying the eye drops
  • Screwing the eyes up after the drops have been applied.
  • Be careful not to touch the conjunctiva, the eyelashes or the fingers with the top of the bottle once it has been opened. This reduces the risk of infection by germs or injury.
And if putting in the eye drops doesn’t work:
  • If you suffer from neck pain, try applying the eye drops while lying on your back.
  • If you apply the eye drops while lying down, avoid putting your head too high up, as this may lead to the eye drops missing the mark.
  • If an eye drop does miss the mark, try again. This will not have a negative effect, as the conjunctival sac cannot absorb more than one drop. However, you should discuss this beforehand with your ophthalmologist.
  • Your partner or a friendly neighbour may also be happy to help you.
  • Speak to your ophthalmologist or GP for further help.

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