Dry eyes
Meibomian gland dysfunction

Most patients with dry eye syndrome have defective or inactive Meibomian glands (80%), which secrete the lipid layer necessary for the stability of the tear film.

Treatment with the E-Eye

The E-Eye was specially developed for the treatment of Meibomian gland dysfunction.

Treatment with the E-Eye is a remedial treatment with the aim of allowing the Meibomian glands to work effectively once more.


The E-Eye device emits short, precise bursts of light, so-called Intense Regulated Pulsed Lights. These stimulate the nerves responsible for controlling the Meibomian glands. This reactivates the Meibomian glands, causing them to correctly secrete the lipid layer responsible for the tear bonding once more.
Stabilisation of tear production begins and the eyes are relieved from pain and inflammation.

Treatment with the E-Eye usually takes place 3-4 times in an interval of 1/15/45/optionally 75 days. The effects then last for approximately 8 months – 3 years and are dependent on the treatment being carried out regularly.

An E-Eye appointment in our practice

If you have decided to have treatment with the E-Eye, you should not wear make-up to your treatment appointments. Before the treatment, we will cover up any tattoos, moles and permanent make-up around your eyes. During the treatment, you wear protective glasses and hydrogel is applied to the area to be treated. The doctor then applies 5 light pulses per eye, from the inner corner to the outside corner of the eye. You will feel a slight sensation of warmth and see red flashes of light. Per session, treatment will take only about 5 minutes for both eyes.

The following video from the manufacturer will show you the procedure and the effects of treatment with the E-Eye.

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