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Contoura-Vision-LASIK is also called custom LASIK.

The DOmed eye clinics Westfalen work with the world’s most innovative excimer laser system, the EX500 by Wavelight/Alcon. By removing one dioptre in only 1.4 seconds, it is considered the fastest excimer laser in the world. Your advantage? Short treatment periods mean better quality. And in addition, the system offers all functions a modern excimer laser must offer: optimised pulse distribution for adjusting the temperature in the tissue during treatment as well as a wavefront- or topography-controlled treatment.

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What is different compared to “normal” LASIK?

“Normal” LASIK treatment is based on the measurements used to determine which glasses or contact lenses you need. This value is expressed in dioptres (e.g. –3 dioptres).

For “Special” LASIK treatment, on the other hand, the cornea is evenly processed to obtain a consistent correction of the determined dioptre value. This way, tiny deviations in the refractive power of the eye or cornea which occur only in one sector, can be taken into consideration.

Technical procedure of a Contoura Vision LASIK treatment

The Contoura Vision LASIK is a further development of the “normal” LASIK. A so-called topography device not only determines one single value, but measures the refractive power of the eye at many different points.

To begin with, an image is projected onto the cornea with the topography device. A reflection of this image is then used to carry out the measurement. The device which is equipped with a special lens system analyses the light reflected by the cornea. If the patient has a good eyesight, the light is reflected in a straight line. In the event of a visual defect, however, the reflection will be irregular, comparable to a topographic map. This shows exactly which corneal sectors require a targeted laser treatment to improve the eyesight.

The obtained data are entered into a mathematical formula, the results of which the surgeon uses to program the laser. With this method, it is possible to reduce the extent of corneal ablation. The main advantage of Contoura Vision LASIK is however the preservation or improvement of sight under twilight conditions after the refractive surgery.

“Normal” LASIK or “Custom” Contoura Vision LASIK?
WaveLight Contoura-Vision Patientenbroschüre ©2019 Alcon

Whether this procedure should be preferred to the “normal” LASIK, depends on the type and manifestation of the visual defect in the individual patient and must be decided on a case-by-case basis after an in-depth examination. At the DOmed eye clinic Westfalen, we choose the option promising the best results for the patient.

The DOmed eye clinic Westfalen at the B1 highway (opposite the Westfalenhallen) is equipped with the most modern eye laser in the city region of Dortmund.

You will find additional information in the Contoura Vision LASIK Broshure.

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