Across Germany, the DOmed eye clinic Westfalen is one of the few clinics working with the particularly safe Femto LASIK method with the innovative Wavelight/Alcon Refractive Suite. This means that our DOmed eye clinic Westfalen is proud to offer one of the most modern systems in the whole of Europe.

Innovative LASIK treatment for eye surgery

The LASIK method is considered as the so far most innovative and safe procedure for correcting short- or long-sightedness  or astigmatism.

Other than is the case with the conventional LASIK procedure, the corneal flap is not created using a microkeratome (i.e. without a (micro)-scalpel) but with a high-precision and contactless laser, the so-called femtosecond laser.

As a result, LASIK can now for the first time be performed entirely without mechanical appliances.

The major advantage: This way, we get even more precise results and an even faster healing process. The flap reattaches all by itself and full vision is restored only a few hours after the operation.

Optionally, the LASIK-Xtra method can be subsequently performed to further minimise the probability of a refractive regression.

The advantages of LASIK

This treatment method offers lots of advantages compared to other eye surgery methods and is therefore the most common eye laser treatment:

  • Fast and pain-free procedure
  • Fast recovery of sight
  • Fast and unproblematic healing
What is LASIK used for?

LASIK can be used to treat short-sightedness up to –8 dioptres and correct astigmatism  up to 3 dioptres or long-sightedness up to +3 dioptres. Within these limits, the LASIK method is considered safe, reliable and scientifically proven. The method produces long-term results and complications at a later stage are considered extremely unlikely. For more than 20 years, LASIK has been regularly and reliably used as a safe treatment of short- and long-sightedness.

How the Femto LASIK method works
Hornhautlamelle mit dem Femto-Sekundenlaser

The femtosecond laser creates the lamellar flap by stacking many thousands of laser pulses on a plane. The surgeon can follow the exact progress of the laser cut via the surgical microscope and a monitor.

Schleifen der Hornhaut mit dem Excimer-Laser

As is the case with conventional LASIK surgery, visual defects are corrected by removing corneal tissue with an excimer laser.

Hornhautlamelle wieder zurückgeklappen

Finally, the flap is put back into place and attaches itself again.

Safe and reliable eye surgery with PREMIUM Femto LASIK –
as used by NASA and US NAVY

The Femto LASIK (also called Femtosecond LASIK or Laser-LASIK) was developed in the USA back in 2001. Even the American space agency NASA has been relying on Femto LASIK for treating visual defects in their astronauts since September 2007. Since then, NASA is now also able to consider applicants who have had visual defects treated by LASIK.

Previously, the US Navy and the Air Force had already relaxed their rules relating to LASIK corrections in aircraft pilots and Femto LASIK treatment for jet pilots on aircraft carriers.

FEMTO LASIK – The treatment method of choice for the following visual defects
WaveLight® customised treatment option
Wavefront Optimized®
(Topolyzer Vario)
(Ocukyzer II)
-14 dpt
-14 dpt
-12 dpt
-14 dpt
-14 dpt
+6 dpt
+6 dpt
+6 dpt
+6 dpt
+6 dpt
-6 dpt bis +6 dpt
-6 dpt bis +6 dpt
-3 dpt bis +3 dpt
-6 dpt bis +6 dpt
-6 dpt bis +6 dpt
Mixed astigmatism
6 dpt
6 dpt
3 dpt
6 dpt
6 dpt
Refractive improvements
Ocular aberrations
Corneal irregularities
Small optical zones
Suboptimal corneal asphericity
The possible scope of treatment depends on the thickness of the cornea and the size of the optical zone. The permissible scope of treatment may differ from country to country.
The origin and history of LASIK

As a method for eye surgery, LASIK was first patented by the German physician Josef Bille. In 1989, the Greek Dr. Ioannis Pallikaris performed the first LASIK eye surgery.

For more than 20 years now, LASIK has been regularly and reliably used as a safe treatment of short- and long-sightedness and astigmatism.

Selection of the optimal treatment method

Um für Sie die optimale Augenoperation zu finden, bedarf es einer ausführlichen Voruntersuchung. Im Anschluss folgt eine Beratung, in der auch Ihre Fragen ausführlich geklärt werden.

Learn more about our methods of eye laser surgery
Contoura Vision LASIK / custom LASIK

The latest excimer laser system is also referred to as custom LASIK. By removing one dioptre in only 1.4 seconds, it is considered the fastest excimer laser in the world. The advantage: Short treatment periods mean better quality.

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LASIK Xtra with KXL-System

LASIK Xtra is an accelerated cross-linking procedure which is performed in connection with a LASIK or PRK operation. More than 80 000 operations to date underline its success. Younger patients in particular with severe short-sightedness and a still soft cornea can benefit from LASIK Xtra.

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