Eye laser surgery

Refractive surgery

Refractive surgery stands for the surgical correction of visual defects by permanently changing the refractive power of the eye.

The aim of such surgical interventions is to refocus the focal point of the optical system to the cornea so that light or images are once again brought into sharp focus without requiring additional visual aids (glasses or contact lenses).

Advantages of refractive surgery

Refractive surgery procedures, technology and instruments have been subject to continuous further development and optimisation over the past years, so that they can now in many cases be considered as a real alternative to glasses and contact lenses and generate a whole new experience. In many situations, wearing glasses can be cumbersome – especially during work, sports or either leisure time activities. Contact lenses are not always tolerated well and can cause irritations or allergies. Refractive surgery can make your dream of a life without visual aids come true. Selecting what procedure is best for you and the exclusion of potential contraindications however required detailed diagnostics and comprehensive consultation. Because each eye is different and each patient brings along individual conditions requiring due consideration.

On the next pages, we would like to provide you with an overview of the various opportunities offered by refractive surgery. In the eye clinic Westfalen, all surgical procedures are subject to the highest quality standards. We only use last-generation technology and instruments. The many years of experience of the treating specialists in the field of eye surgery coupled with regular further training ensure best possible treatment safety.

Eye laser reference centre

Since 2014, our DOmed eye clinic Westfalen is one of only a few reference centres in Germany. In the past, our clinic has been repeatedly appointed as reference centre for FEMTO LASIK and FEMTO cataract surgery by the company Alcon/WaveLight ®, most recently in 2019.

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The Femto method is currently considered the cutting-edge procedure for treating short- and long-sightedness as well as astigmatisms. With this method, LASIK is also possible without mechanical instruments.

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Contoura-Vision-LASIK (custom LASIK)

Custom LASIK treatment is performed at DOmed in Dortmund with today’s latest and fastest excimer laser system worldwide. Depending on the type and degree of the visual defect, we will use either the normal or the Contoura Vision LASIK method.

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LASIK Xtra with KXL-System

This is an optional addition to the LASIK treatments, which can be performed following LASIK surgery. It is designed to ensure a sustainable stabilisation of the cornea.

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Streamlight Trans-PRK

The Streamlight Trans-PRK method which is often also referred to as the “No Touch PRK” method, removes the surface of the cornea using the latest laser technology. This removal can be carried out highly precisely with the excimer laser, allowing the wound to heal more quickly.

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PRK (Photorefaktive Keratektomie)

This form of treatment is particularly suitable for patients who are not eligible for FEMTO-LASIK treatment because the cornea is too thin. After just a few weeks, full vision is restored without glasses or contact lenses.

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