Preliminary examinations

The preliminary examination is necessary for us to confirm whether your case is suited for laser surgery from a medical point of view or if an alternative method (e.g. lens implants) would be more advisable.

What happens at the preliminary examination?

On the basis of various measurements (visual defect analysis, cornea thickness and intraocular pressure), we will prepare a personalised treatment profile which will be discussed with you in detail by our medical assistants and eye specialists.

In addition, you will be administered pupil-dilating eye drops which will temporarily cause a blurred vision. We therefore advise you to travel to us by public transport or organise a driver.

If you are suited for a refractive surgery, you will be instructed on the different surgery options and the exact procedure. You will also be informed about any risks, possible side effects and the individual methods. If you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to answer them.

To achieve the best possible results in the preliminary examination and a successful surgery it is important that the wearers of contact lenses take a break from wearing their lenses for a specific period. Without this, the measurements results may be distorted. And this would in turn have a negative impact on the result of your surgery. You will be instructed on how long we advise you to refrain from wearing your contract lenses, when you make your appointment. As we must collect various data on your eyes in the preliminary examination, you must schedule about two-hours for the appointment. Due to its long duration, the preliminary examination is subject to a charge, which will however be fully offset against the price of the surgery.

For privately insured patients, the preliminary examination are be treated as a major eye check and are borne by the health insurance.

To make an appointment, call +49231 95809310.

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