Payment by instalments

The treatment costs for a life without glasses may vary considerably depending on the procedure and individual conditions. In an extensive consultation, we will also offer you different financing methods and will inform you about possible refunds and aspects of the tax deductibility of an eye laser treatment.

We offer our patients the option to pay the costs for the treatment in convenient monthly instalments via medipay.

In this case, no additional costs will arise if the invoice amount is paid within six months.

However, it is also possible to arrange a repayment term of 12/ 24/ 36 or even 72 months, at effective interest rates of 2.9%/ 6.9%/ 1.9% or 7.9% p.a.

Instalment calculator

Medipay Button - Link zum Ratenrechner

Click on the medipay button to use the instalment calculator and find out the best option for your personal instalment amounts and repayment term.

You can then directly proceed to make a financing request online. Alternatively, you will also find a financing request in PDF format for printing out.

Please do not hesitate to approach us in this matter. Our staff will be happy to support you with your financing request.

Please note, that the processing of your request may take up to one week.

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